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English for Communication

Our English for Communication course was designed especially for speakers of other languages who need additional communication practice in English as a second language. As such, it can be added as an elective to the Intensive English Program by F-1 students, or it can be taken as a stand-alone by local learners who are not constrained by a full course load requirement.

Available at the intermediate, high intermediate, and advanced levels, instruction includes:

  • practical vocabulary and idioms;

  • pronunciation skill development;

  • speaking activities: discussions, role play, conversation practice and oral presentations;

  • reading for everyday needs, entertainment, and information;

  • writing skills for personal and practical purposes: notes, memos, letters, and editing for grammatical correctness;

  • listening skills for everyday needs: video and audio tapes;

  • grammar and usage for everyday needs;

  • activities emphasizing the cultural aspects of everyday communication;

  • and computer-assisted instruction.


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