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Family English program


​Our Family English package provides a stimulating learning environment for families to learn English while vacationing in the USA. The package, which includes tuition and accommodations, is offered every summer between from June to August. Parents and children 13 and older will join the Intensive English Program which features communicative methodology. Children under 13 will join the Kids Summer English course, which features activities and games to optimize learning in addition to our Intensive English Program.

The curriculum is designed to help students communicate more effectively and confidently. Each unit presents a wide variety of conversational activities: discussion, listening comprehension, idiomatic expressions and role-playing as well as reading, grammar, and writing.

Age of children: 8 and up

English Courses: Children ages 8-12 will join the Kids Summer English classes.
Children 13 and older will join the regular courses with parents/adults

Duration: Minimum 2 weeks

Number of students: Minimum 2 family members

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